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Beautiful and BLACK Ancient Egyptians (Khamitans)

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In early Egyptian mythology, Anhur (also spelled Onuris, Onouris, An-Her, Anhuret, Han-Her, Inhert) was originally a god of war who was worshipped in the Egyptian area of Abydos, and particularly in Thinis.

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Egyptian Gods & Goddesses

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Bastet ( or Bast ) was depicted with the head of a cat or lion.She was an Egyptian goddess from Lower Egypt who was associated with joy, music and dancing.She was the mother of Mihos, another lion god, and the wife of Ptah, god of the arts and crafts.Bastet is mentioned in the Book of the Dead where she destroyed the bodies of the deceased with her 'royal flame' if they failed any of the tests for entry to the underworld.

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geb egyptian god | Egyptian God-Geb| bottom

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Ptah "Señor de la magia", dios creador, inventor de la albañilería, patrón de los arquitectos y artesanos. Se le atribuía también poder sanador.

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Äldre påbörjad teckning teckning inspirerad av egyptisk mytologi, främst den om krigsgudinnan Sekhmet med sitt lejonhuvud Artist: LHSV

Sobek by on @DeviantArt

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Ptah - mummified creator god, said to have made the world from the thoughts in his heart and his words; depicted as a mummy with his hands protruding from the wrappings and holding a staff

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Isis var en viktig gudinna i egyptisk mytologi. Hon är enkelhetens och barnens gudinna och har många olika namn. Isis är det latinska namnet för hennes riktiga namn och hon blev den viktigaste gudinnan av alla gudar.

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