Coronation portrait - 1600 copy of 1558 original (National Portrait Gallery, London) Previous Next List This is a 1600 copy of a portrait painted of 25-year old Elizabeth Tudor in her coronation robes with her regalia.

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This painting is the finest and most compelling portrait of Elizabeth I before her accession. It conveys her beauty, dignity, gentleness and learning. 1546 / Attributed to William Scrots. Probably painted for Henry VIII.

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Could the virgin queen be a part of the biggest deception in British history? Argument that Queen Elizabeth was actually a man.

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Elizabeth in a French Farthingale - notice how the skirt does not go all the way to the floor, but goes to the ankle. She has a standing ruff, conch, fan, and slashed shoes as well.

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Queen Elizabeth I's royal dress is white like the angels. The arms are so large at the shoulders that they approximate wings.

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Portraits of Queen Elizabeth The First, Part 2: Portraits 1573-1587

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Earliest known picture of Elizabeth the future Queen on England Elizabeth 1, probably around age 4 or 5. She was only 2 when her mother was executed.

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It is often said that we do not know how Elizabeth I felt about her mother, Anne Boleyn, and it is widely written that she only spoken of her twice in her entire life...Using a surprising amount of contemporary evidence and a little bit of conjecture based on fact, we can, in fact determine how Elizabeth felt about Anne.-BB. Read more in "Death Could Not Separate Them: How Elizabeth I Connected to Her Deceased Mother"…

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Elizabeth I of England

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My favorite Queen of them all was Queen Elizabeth 1 - The later years of Elizabeth's reign are sometimes referred to as a Golden Age.

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