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the red-light district of stuttgart, 2:11 am "Cité Noir" by Marcus Meyer, via Behance


Rhythm by Alaxey Menschikov||Ass 2 Q8: I started from the furthest bottom column/person and moved up to each column up. The way the people are placed in the columns create a zigzag motion for the viewers eyes. This creates rhythm in the image with the separation between the people with the columns.


♂ Solitude Midnight walk in dark by Shavkat Hoshimov

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Exquisite Black and White Photography

206 UCDM. De mí depende la salvación del mundo. Se me han confiado los dones de lo inefable porque soy Su Hijo. Y deseo otorgarlos allí donde Él dispuso que se dieran. No soy un cuerpo. Soy libre. Pues aún soy tal como lo inefable me creó.


Thursday, April 19th, 2012 ...rays of light...


[Open w/ Dresden and Landra] Dresden rolled his arm, a mixture of fear and exhilaration coming to a boil in his stomach. "Where are they?" "Just relax, our ride's gonna be here any minute." The dark haired woman tapped her nails against her ring blade. The air outside the lab was thick with emissions and steam. "I hope the party doesn't get too wild without us."

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Bryson Tiller & The Weeknd - Rambo (Remix)

Black and White Photography by Lisa Bernardini Repin & Like. Thank you…


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