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How Clouds Create Lightning And Thunder

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basalt. Reminds me of what I would have seen at Devil's Postpile if the road hadn't still been closed due to snow in May!

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Hoodoos, Wheeler Geological Area, CO: difficult to get to (the pictures & description make me believe it's worth the effort for the younger set). This area is a highly eroded outcropping of layers of volcanic ash which is the result of eruptions from the La Garita Caldera approx 25 Ma ago

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Sedimentary Rock | Sedimentary rock eroded by wind and water. Photographed on Gabriola ...

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Fracture Control Liesegang Rings, Widemouth, Cornwall

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Rock strata cornwall

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If you only believe what you can see, you could be missing the enouramous reality of what you cannot see.

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Amazing Geology: Argentina, Salta, Cafayate.

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Blended varves - signs of ancient earthquakes in Nahal Pratzim, near the Dead Sea, Israel

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Soft sediment deformation in Kodiak

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List of Rocks | Common rock-forming minerals gemstones are minerals

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Ropey lava flow. Fernandina Island, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

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Amazing Geologist ⚒ Tightly folded gneiss, Kings Canyon National Park, Fresno County, California. Roadcut exposure along Kings Canyon Scenic Drive. Yucca plant at bottom-center of image is about 1 m (3 ft) in diameter |#Geology *Photo : © Michael Rymer visit :

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Folded rock beds - Durdle Door, England by alan jacobsen, via Flickr

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Rock formation at Dee Why beach, Sydney

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fossils - Burgess Shale Fault. Yolo NP, Canada

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Fukang Meteorite: Discovered in 2000, in the Gobi Desert in China's Xinjiang Province. It is a pallasite; a type of iron meteorite, quite rare, made out of large olivine crystals in an iron-nickel matrix. Olivine is a magnesium iron silicate, quite common in our planet’s subsurface, but which weathers fast when exposed to the surface. Pallasites are extremely rare, (only about 1% of all meteorites). Slices from the Fukang mass, as in this photo, are reminiscent of stained glass…

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Checkerboard Mesa, an example of cross bedding, at Zion National Park, Utah

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That is quite possibly one of the most awesome anticlines I've ever seen. I wonder who cut the mountain open.

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Burgess Shale - Fresh cut shale, Walcott Quarry, Yoho National Park, Field, B.C., Canada photo source : L.Pierce

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Goergous dyke intrusion in Spain | Geology IN

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QAPF diagram used to classify Igneous rocks | Geology IN

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Geology curiosity?

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This magnificently illustrated geological time visualization provides an extensive exploration of life as it existed in various periods. Each period

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