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Gina Torres

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Jessica Pearson off the clock? Off the hook. Fans of #Gina Torres, you're welcome. Xo #Suits

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Gina Torres (Zoë "Firefly", Hel "Cleopatra 2525", Nebula "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys", Jasmine "Angel")

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I’m impossibly tall. When they find it hard to pair you up with the opposite sex, then what’s left for a woman? Either you’re the ball-buster or the not-so-attractive girlfriend standing by the lead. I mean, traditionally not so attractive. ... When you fall within the cracks, you thank God for sci-fi, because they’ll give you a gun, and they’ll say, ‘GO OVER THERE and CONQUER THAT WORLD. YOU KICK SOME ASS GIRL!" Gina Torres (on working on Firefly) :D

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(Closed) I'd called you to my office, wanting to speak to you. "Riley, what did you hear?" I tap my wand on the side of the seat.

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Gina Torres plays Jessica Pearson on Suits.

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Gina Torres

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Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres) has attitude and a sizzling fashion sense in USA's "Suits."

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Actress Gina Torres as Jessica Pearson in Suits. Great to see a strong female character and what a wardrobe!!

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