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Love this! : @hazzangel21

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this is not the same person, this cannot be the same harry from a year ago.

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I Love this pic of Harry so much!!! He looks so happy!! ❤️❤️

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GORGEOUS BABY Wow this is cousin number 2 from the other jacket

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[harry styles] student] "hey i'm harry. i'm 18, a senior, and single. i love poetry and photography. i've almost finished writing my first book." i blush. "not that you care.."

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I still don't understand why he's not a model yet?!

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my expression when there is a song called "olivia", and your cousin's name is "olivia", and harry styles wrote "olivia", and "olivia" is a very good song, and apparently they live and long for "olivia" and yes.

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Para mucha gente usted no se ve hermoso...tiene un carácter muy diferente. Pero diferente nunca ha sido igual a malo y nunca sería.

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Very exited to see Harry in Dunkirk! P.s. let's not forget that this film is to honour and tell the story of the brave individuals who fought for what they love.

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