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The Urgon tradition of cultivating "bone scars" into horrific ridges and boney plates that cover their bodies has led some cultures to equate them with demons (the volatile nature of the Urgon race does nothing to dispel this misconception).

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Paige: We are considering creating a new character and lore; the character resembling Lucifer; so we want them to have horns.

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Super cool and unique design of horns and dorsal spines. Especially love how the horns are sprouting from the BACK of his hairline, from the skin. (introduced species by len-yan on deviantART)

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artist-refs: Fantasy horn ref by Law-of-Murph ----------------- The different styles and angles I think helps a lot when trying to pick what type you want to use.

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photo by Gail Kilker; antler headpiece by Organic Armor. (tags: photo, demon, horns or antlers, silver body paint)

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El marjor (markhor) es una especie de mamífero artiodáctilo de la familia Bovidae que habita los bosques montañosos del Himalaya. Marjor en persa significa comedor de serpientes. Es el animal nacional de Pakistán.

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sesquii: “ I really like horns, so here, have a set horns, antlers and feelers! Feel free to use as a reference or inspiration, no need to credit. :) ”

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Demon Horns 2 by OreoSilhouette

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extraño y suave VII - pulpo - Original edición impresión de Giclee - 13 x 19"

White Stag original handmade OOAK clay art por creaturesfromel

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((Play him)) I was walking before when I was kidnapped, when I awoke, I saw him. The Dragon Prince. My breath in my throat, fear in my blood. I looked at him and he tilts his head, smiling like a mad man. I tremble and he leans closer, stroking my cheek, I pull away but he grabs my chin and pulls me back. I go wide eyed at him and he smirks, showing fangs. (Credit to @Calee)

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