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What is your type?

Hey I am dominic on the light side I am the computer genius I am 16 and single


Hey, I'm Conner. I'm from caste four and I work at my parents restaurant as a chef. But that not really want I want to do. I wish I could be an artist. I love painting and pottery. My caste would allow me to own an art studio but my parents keep me from trying.


Hi there everyone my names Alex Trip. I'm 19 years old and I'm a 5. Im an aspiring artist, I've actually had a few popular prices lately. But besides that I'm a pretty outgoing and all around friendly guy. I can be a little sarcastic and witty at times, but I think it adds to my charm. I'm very protective over people I love, I get that because I basically raised my little sister, her names Ray and she's 7, our mom was an alcoholic so I took care of her. I'm pretty athletic, I usually go for…

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Beautiful Disaster (EDITING!!) - Chapter 3: Don't trust the Hot Guy with the Blue Eyes

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