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My brain aches when extroverts get comfortable around me. So much useless info. So much shit

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Top Ten Introvert Problems- if only I could put into words how unbelievably accurate this is.

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Things to do while being an introvert

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The older I get the more I don't care for groups anything. I like small intimate settings with treasured family & friends..

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Very very true. I'm not truly an extrovert, unless you get to know me-but even then, I still can be comfortable around you while being silent with a book.

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10+ Introvert Problems That Hilariously Capture The Life Of An Introvert

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Introvert Problem #19: You think small talk is a waste of time and would rather skip to the point of the conversation.

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Introvert Problems - I remember hearing this in high school...pretty much this entire blog describes me.

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Introvert Problem - thoughts freeze when someone wants to talk to you

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Introvert Problems | More Introvert Problems | ★Entertainment★

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Introvert Problem #54: Your family doesn't understand why you need them to ask store clerks/waiters something for you

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I am not an introvert at ALL but I HATE calling people on the phone and I don't know why. My husband I will rock, paper, scissors to see who will call to order pizza LOL

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Introvert Problem #48: Getting nervous before making a phone call or being the first to text someone.

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Introvert problem # 1 THIS is the best statement that describes me that I have read.

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Introvert Problems - Totally relatable ! -

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Introvert Problems | Introvert problems | Kindred introverts unite!

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So very, very true. And I've never been able to explain it, it just happens.

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Loud noises make me anxious. (unless its music that i like)

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Wow, these are very true...I'd like to be friends with the person who made this list...they would "get" me.

Wow, these are very true...I'd like to be friends with the person who made this list...they would "get" me.

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Being Quiet Is Not a Character Flaw

ending a conversation earlier than you really want to because you imagine you're "bothering" the other person. Introvert Problem

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