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Yes I just blasphemed against the gods of landscape photography. Not using a polarizing filter for landscape photography could be considered sacrilegious among some circles and indeed, I myself have written ad nauseam of the importance of this simple yet powerful photographer’s tool. Now I’m going to selectively contradict myself. The fact is that in most …


Polarizing and Neutral Density Filters: Essentials for Landscape Photography

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An Introduction to Filters in Photography

Impact of a Split ND (neutral density) filter: an Introduction to Filters in Photography | Boost Your Photography

The effects of different filters on colours in black and white

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6 things to photograph this Christmas

Camera filters can be a bit of an enigma for many photographers, both new and experienced. In our new cheat sheet we've produced a handy cheat sheet that takes you four of the most common problem areas for photographers when it comes to using camera filters. Our flow chart shows you how to choose the best ND grad filter

Photography Forum :: Topic: 3 Must Have Filters that will make any Photographers Life Easier! (1/1)

Love the use of line here and the extended shutter speed really makes the water turn to glass