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Xray machine haha we have this exact machine at work, it has always looked like a puppy to me.

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Funny meaningful use comic for anyone in health IT, nursing, or medical practice. Pinned with permission by

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This large bleeding cup (they also come in small) reminds us that ancient Romans had a different concept of medicine and health. Bronze bleeding cups were used for both ‘dry’ and ‘wet’ cupping. In dry cupping, a flaming piece of lint was put in the cup and then applied to skin. The flame immediately went out and a vacuum sucked out the "bad humor". In wet cupping the doctor made an incision in your arm and drained a cupful of blood.

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As an Xray tech I love this one. This is so true

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Dr. Swift's massage treatments From the time of Hippocrates, the term “hysteria,” or literally “womb disease,” has been considered a female disorder, and the symptoms were many, including anxiety, insomnia, swooning (or perhaps petit mal seizures), and almost any abdominal discomfort. Some physicians treated this "disease" of female patients their office.

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Medicinsk Cannabis - Oplysning Til Det Danske Folk

book old medical and dental instruments- I've always thought they were intresting

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Dr stranger Lee jong suk

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Dr Batty's Asthma Cigarettes..this is how my mother started smoking...on the advice of her dr at 20. Menthol cigarettes to help her asthma..Died COPD.

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