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Megalodon Shark Largest Predator Ever - Jurasic Infographic #prehistoric More

Megalodon Shark: The Largest Predator That Ever Lived [Infographic]

Megalodon Shark Largest Predator Ever - Jurasic Infographic #prehistoric More

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Megalodon 1940's

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Megalodon | Sharkopedia

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Megalodon Alex - Google+ cute! :) gogira-like

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10 Colossal Facts About Megalodon Sharks That Will Leave You Stunned!

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Top 10 Terrifying Prehistoric Sea Monsters

Top 10 Terrifying Prehistoric Sea Monsters - Megalodon

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How Do the Biggest Sharks in Pop Culture Stack Up?

In honor of shark week 2014 - Comparative sizes of sharks in pop culture. :)

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Megalodon Sharks: The Ocean Nightmare

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A 10-million-year-old nursery for the extinct megalodon shark has just been found in Panama, according to University of Florida researchers who report their findings in the latest issue of the journal PLoS ONE. Megalodon, aka "Big Tooth," is thought to have been the world's largest fish and shark. It grew to around 67 feet in [...]

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Awesome, but I wouldn't trade places with the guy being rescued!

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Shark Week: The Nightmarish Megalodon : Video : Discovery Channel

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WORLD'S BIGGEST SHARKS Are Still In The Ocean - MEGALODONS World's biggest shark ever - Megalodon - this giant sea monster is still alive... These scary creatures are much bigger than great white sharks ..Actually they're enormous! And these are maybe the best megalodon evidences ever... these megalodons caught on cameras will prove you that the giant creatures didn't go extinct ... These monsters could swallow everything... i mean - EVERYTHING! Look at them - they are unbelievably huge…

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SHARK. ⚓ByDiver969⚓ More

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Amazingly Vivid Dino Illustrations Reveal a Brutal Prehistoric World

One of 14 images appearing as backlit panels (about 4 feet tall) in the Hall of Paleontology at the Houston Museum of Natural Science, this image depicts the probably rare but plausible encounter between the giant shark Carcharocles (jaw diameter estimated at 11 feet) and a medium-sized proboscidean, Platybelodon. Julius Csotonyi

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Pick of the day Megalodon

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Mosasaurus Eating T Rex | History, Evolution, Fossil Shark Teeth Identification, Fossil Examples ...

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