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min pin dog rules

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chickpea cheddar crackers

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21 Sites All Women Should Bookmark

A 12-week weight loss program can be highly effective in helping you lose fat, whereas a 30-day fitness challenge is more useful for breaking through boredom or a plateau. They have different focuses and will give you different results, so deciding which program is better for you will depend on your goals. Looking for THE BEST way to lose weight? You found it. - Look my profile.

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Mangler du en supergod ide til manden, din mor, din søster, din veninde eller en anden som bare ikke ønsker sig noget særligt... Så lav et hjemmelavet klippekort med søde ting på. Jeg har gjort det til min dejlige kæreste et par gange - og det er altså et hit hver gang, selvom han nu ikke a....

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Easiest way to remove wallpaper ever! 1/3 cup white vinegar, 4 cups water, scraper and 5 mins! "Oh My Goodness, I JUST finished my 1/2 bath using this technique...(didn't measure)... I can't say enough about how easy it was! Forget the steamer!!!!! WOW! Thanks to the girl who first posted this idea!"

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Heeheeheee my sketchbook may be out of order but I still have bristol paper for copic drawings (though this is more of a sketch). I'm tired and frustrated because earlier in Blade and Soul my party took 1.5 hours to clear a dungeon that should only take 20 mins or so because no one wanted to help each other (6 ppl should've paired up&split into 3 groups) and people kept leaving halfway through ヾ( ̄□ ̄;)ノ & I ended up not getting to finish my daily quests either askfhskfasksdjfhks…

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Get Ready to Sweat

Super sweaty 30-minute treadmill interval workout!

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Gorgeous Park Min Young

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An entry from We train to kick your ass.

Going to have to remember this one.

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Jeg elsker dig I love you

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