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Prehistoric cave painting- 35,000 years ago. -Animals were important for very basic reasons in this time period. They were used for food, clothes, tools, and most interactions between them and humans remained primal. -Depicted as flat, basic earth tones, usually through daily life scenes, such as the hunters above.

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Australia Aboriginal cave art in the Kimberley region.

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Ancient Greek mosaic recently uncovered in Zeugma, Turkey, 2000 years old.

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Tomb of Nakht, with Hieroglyphs depicting Giant Masters and human size servants.

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Ancient Paleolithic paintings in Lascaux, south west of France. This cave art is located near the village of Montignac in the Dordogne. Dates to around 12,000 BC.

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Cuneiforms. Found in 31 Century BC (c. 3500-3000 BCE). Cuneiform means wedge shaped. This also comes from a Latin word. There are only few hundred qualified cuneiformists in the world who can read the text. First developed by the ancient Sumerians of Mesopotamia. This was used in Mesopotamia, Persia, and Ugarit. First cuneiform tablet was called proto-cuneiform as they were more visible.

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Ancient Precolumbian double-headed sculpture, found in the area surrounding the Gulf Coast of Mexico

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Aboriginal Rock Art ( some of the art has been acurately dated at 15,000 years old however a lot of Australian Aboriginal Rock Art is suspected to be up to 50,000 years old) - Bing Images

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Mesopotamian Lapis Amulet in the shape of a Frog New York | Amulets Date: > 3500 BC, 3500 BC - 2500 BC Culture: Mesopotamian Category: Amulets, Animals Medium: Stone ...

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Bronze age fresco of a lady from Crete

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