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“I’d use a sonic screwdriver for all household problems: cleaning my gutters, unblocking the sink. I think it would be a very good remote for your telly. I spend all day working with a sonic screwdriver; I don’t really want to take it home.” Peter Capaldi on uses for a sonic screwdriver. Hot Minute.

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“When I was 16, geeks hadn’t been invented, so being tall and skinny, into horror movies and sci-fi and unable to play football simply made me the go-to guy for the sociopaths (some of them teachers) who wanted to practise their torturing skills on someone. I have asked an older colleague who knew me at the time what I was like and he said simply: “You were like an accident waiting to happen.”

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Capaldi’s affection for science fiction is sincerely held. I ask about a script he wrote years ago: Moon Man. “I called it that because that’s what they used to call me at school,” he says. The man enjoying adventures in time and space was nicknamed Moon Man? “Yes! And it used to upset me. But now I think it’s a great name. It happened because I liked space and stuff [laughs]. It was the time of the moon landings. I’ve always liked sci-fi and fantasy. That’s always been my genre of choice.”

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Things like this make me cry when watching Doctor Who....along with everything else.

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The Scot might have seemed an unusual choice to play the Doctor given his most famous incarnation is as the foul-mouthed government spin doctor Malcolm Tucker but this was a genius piece of casting. Capaldi has encouraged a generation of cynics to watch Doctor Who and gives the Daleks a run for their money. He also has a penchant for wearing swoonsome rockabilly specs. Just don't ask him to tell you to ‘f’ off. He'll probably mean it.

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“What I’d tell my younger self:…” (words of wisdom from Peter Capaldi)

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OH MY GOD. That part was the best! He finally got to say that! ahahah

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Peter Capaldi #HappyNewYear 2017

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Peter's first read-through. I just love this guy so much already. :)

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