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this is a thrush sprite. there AMAZING potion makers and always found living in deep deep forests. always hop pop zip zap around the forest in every season except winter in winter there getting ready to use potions to help winter come back sometimes they can be a little late though

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Winter's Children

Fantasy | Magical | Fairytale | Surreal | Enchanting | Mystical | Myths | Legends | Stories | Dreams | Adventures | Hare rider - Winter's Children — by Lavender & Lark

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Butterfly Dreams by on @deviantART

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Another faerie by Nicole West. One of my favorite photos

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Tinker Bell — possibly, the quintessential faery. As characterized by J. M. Barrie in Peter Pan, she exhibits so many traditional faery qualities: we first experience her as a small glow of pure light; her form is only visible when stationary; she is described as “still growing.” So, like all faeries, she is in a state of flux and transformation. She is dressed in a skeleton-leaf dress, indicating that she is not only connected to nature but also inner nature

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Small But Deadly: What Mini Killer Are You?

I saw a fairy for the first time in my life

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What Would You Be In A Fantasy World?

You would be a Pixie in a fantasy world! Not quite naughty enough for the underworld yet not quite angelic enough for heaven, your spirit would manifest itself within the tiny form of a mischievous pixie stuck on Earth for all eternity. You go against social norms and resist any type of conformity that can constrain your independence, but still find the time to work hard for what you have. As a nocturnal creature you rule the night, often running around pranking helpless humans as a form of…

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I found this little guy sleeping in my mailbox this morning! I think he plans on moving in! I lose so many mailboxes to pixies....oh wells, I suppose it does make a cozy little home?

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Bramble Pixies are never to be triffled with, for you see, when Bramble Pixies get angry . . .

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"Fairy cave" by Tianhia Xu (flowerzzxu) on DeviantArt (detail).

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Mouse Bait by ~pixiwillow Lifesize sculptures of mouse and pixie. Both are sculpted from polymer clay. Mouse has real fur.

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themagicfarawayttree: Yoshitaka Amano

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Sweet posable pixie fairy fairie ooak

sweet posable pixie fairy fairie ooak by throughthemagicdoor. @Melissa Squires Squires Squires Squires Squires Squires Jones, her face looks a little like Marigold's

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Fantasy | Whimsical | Strange | Mythical | Creative | Creatures | Dolls | Sculptures | by Tatjana Raum (Chopoli-Art)

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Perfect pixie @diamondmarett Read the article here -

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≍ Nature's Fairy Nymphs ≍ magical elves, sprites, pixies and winged woodland faeries -

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A4 Print - Pixie I

⌣(ˆ◡ˆ)⌣ , ♡ ❀ ☺☺. █▄ϑ❤Ҽ ☺☺.And as the season come and go, here's something you might like to know ... there are fairies everywhere under bushes, in the air, playing games just like you play, singing through their busy day. So listen, touch, and look around -- in the air and on the ground. And if you watch all nature's things, you might just see a fairy's wing~."MartaSarmiento on Etsy

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Gnome with mushrooms (Lutin), illustration by godo

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