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In other words... YOU DO YOU, accept that everyone is different, love them anyway. SIMPLE!

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The Religion Golden Rule

The Religious Golden Rule - Hello, Islam? I think you need to remind some of your adherents of the rules. We all need to realize that living life in balance and kindness is a work of art, approached with humility, and more precious than any riches.

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World Religions: The Golden Rule Across Cultures

Resources to teach about the Golden Rule across cultures/religions- awesome!

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I'm thinking I'm Christian, but loving and respecting the truth in other people's beliefs is what love is all about.

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This is SO true! So many people preach their love and commitment to God but don't realize their ungodly actions speak the real truth. Love, give and be kind to one another!

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Religion does not always correlate with ethics. Get over it.

Religion and ethics are not mutually inclusive. Either can (and does) exist without the other. Theists are not automatically moral, atheists are not automatically immoral.

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"Physicists find evidence suggesting that the universe is a conscious mind. There's more of a similarity between the very small and the very large than first appearances suggest. Are we just consciousness operating within a universal Cosmic Mind?"

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World Religions: Varanasi: City of Light and Death

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Religion Gives Us the World’s Largest Mental Disorder – Religithexia in5d in 5d body mind soul spirit

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One thing I loved about my religion growing up -questions were welcomed!

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