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My Pottermore house... Ravenclaw Tower by *Whisperwings on deviantART there are drawings of all of the Hogwarts houses. << I love my House! <3

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Hey I'm Kai , im in the 3rd (second to last group) along with the nerd to his tough guy, we get along well enough on our own and have known eachother for years, I consider him my brother. Even though my head is almost always stuck in a book don't let that fool you im a fast and agile fighter my weapon of choice is a shortsword or throwing stars, im 17 and part of my job is prying the girls off of David , I guess his dark broodiness attracts quite a few females *chuckles*

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Some days, i feel everything at once. Other days, i feel nothing at all. I dont know whats worse, drowning beneath the waves or dying from the thirst.

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How to Tackle A Messy House. 5 steps anyone can do! Motivation!

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Next to Normal makes my heart smile!! <3 @Michelle and I sing it whenever we're together

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anime girl falling from the sky - Buscar con Google

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Coffee Batwing Long Sleeve Pullovers Sweater // NOTE: I like this style, but based on reviews I would not order it from this site. See:

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"I regard matter as derivative from consciousness." - Max Planck

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Phonics and Reading: Best way to teach how to read. I used this method on my 4 year old and he is now reading!

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There is not a shred of doubt in my mind what house you would belong in, Victoria. You are a brave, strong and clever girl.

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