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Swimmer problems<< me and my Bestfriend have this problem all the time

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Swimmer probs... :)ESPECIALLY AFTER PRACTICE!!!!!

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swimming sayings | Swimmer problems | Swim Quotes

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I have like permanent bruises from that!!! And people are always like... what did u do to ur legs

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Hahaha this site. Swimming... We all have a love-hate relationship with it:)

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OMG ALL THE TIME! Teachers think I am cheating for tests, my friends think I'm weird, frienimies make fun of me.

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and awkwardly "dolphin kicking" to try and regain speed.

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True. I could swim for ages but give me a set of stairs and either I get tired or trip and fall.

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Those last laps when you die because of it

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Swimmer Problem 118. why does this always happen to me??

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