We try so hard to "look good" and then get annoyed people think we actually appear fine. it is an ironic mix of emotions when you have and invisible illness.

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Psychological facts about me : 1. less happy - 2. same health risks than if I'd smoke - 3. create my own problems - 4. more creative - 5. mind re-configured - 6. early death - 7. criticize to feel better - 8. Grammar Pedantry Syndrome - 9.happier and live longer (so it cancels the first points xD) 10-perfectly healthy brain

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Oh, a migraine is just a headache? I see. Well then, I'm sure this bear won't eat you. Go ahead... Poke it.

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I can't relate to people my age at work. One more way that chronic illness isolates you.

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Height of Forgetfulness | Fibromyalgia Awareness

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Depression Explained In Simple Comics By Optipess

Social hangover I can definitely relate to this!

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Symptomer på sygdom

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