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Seriously Folks, think twice before you vote. We can no longer afford to have "Lunatics Running The Asylum!" The Tea Party has ruined our democracy! Vote Blue in November!!

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4 lækre chokoladekiks i træ fra Mamamemo. Leveres i et fint paprør med låg. Sjov legemad til brug i rolleleg med legekøkkener og teselskaber. Fra 3 år.

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Hit with the stupid stick!

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Bachmann crazy overdrive. She's such a fraud! - Nicky J.

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The queen of stupid

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OMG! Over the top STUPID!

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The drought is god punishing California. Movies that mock him, gay parades, pot smoking and filthy people. Don't be surprised when an earthquake finishes them off. It's all part of god's plan. --Michele Bachmann, The Blaze, 4/17/15 | Amazing anyone listens to this POS idiot. It's apparent when you look at those eyes that nobody is home. Still can't believe people elect idiots like this.

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∞ Nic ∞ on

George Takei

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Again Republicans vote AGAINST the People of this country to GIVE to the Rich! Top Economist Says Bernie's Plan Will Actually SAVE the US $5 Trillion Bernie can not take on corporate power by himself. Electing Bernie will NOT be a spectator sport. GET INVOLVED. Search Facebook for "How YOU Can Get Bernie Sanders Elected" for a how-to kit on using your computer and the Internet to become a real force in getting him elected.

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Asshole of the Day for June 10, 2013: Allen West.../ This is one way of looking at it....not exactly the right way or the moral way, which I suppose, he's neither.

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