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The Many Beneficial Types of Ayurveda Massage

The Chinese Clock Does Not Make Mistakes – Discover Which Organ In Your Body Does Not Work Well

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Du-15 Gate of Muteness YAMEN - Acupuncture Points -2

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Więcej o medycynie chińskiej:

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Chinese Element

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Bean curd and chicken soup is one of the soup I make when I need something nutritious and simple, yet still delicious and hearty. Lately the weather has been pretty bad, Jakarta rains almost daily, and even when it isn’t, the sky is almost always overcast. So, this soup really …

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Manual pulse monitoring for therapeutic diagnosis in Chinese sphygmology. From Andreas Cleyer’s Specimen Medicinae Sinica…1682.

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Menstrual Cycle Graphic

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Lung Meridian - Known as the 'Prime Minister', the lungs control breath and energy and assist the 'King' heart with the circulation of blood. The Internal Medicine Classic states: 'Energy is the commander of blood; when energy moves, blood follows. Blood is the mother of energy; where blood goes, energy follows.' This intimate relationship between breath and pulse, blood and energy, is the basis of Chinese breathing exercises.

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a map showing the relationship of the five elements in Traditional Chinese Medicine theory

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