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Hailey Bieber inspired nails
3 exercises you must add into your glute days!🍑
Hip-thrusts- hip-thrusts are brilliant for building overall mass in the glutes. You can do full range of motion hip-thrusts for building overall mass or 1/4 range of motion and pulse for the shelf of the booty. DB squats: I’m a huge fan of dumbbell squats because it is easier to get in the optimum position to feel it in your glutes. This movement hits the lower glutes and overall glutes. Bulgarian split squat: a great movement for that shelf booty. Be sure to elevate the front foot to get that
Meninas, essa unha foi uma das mais lindas que eu já vi 💫
Unha maravilhosa de estrela! Estrela / nails / unhas com estrelas / unhas para meninas / insipiração de unha / nails inspiration / star / starlight / manicure
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