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an image of a bear and penguin with question marks on the wall behind them,
Truth or Dare...?[ Discontinued] - Chapter 3 Amercian Izuku
an image of a comic strip with two people being hugged by another person in the background
an image of the inside of a car with pictures of people in it and text that reads
After that frustrating gamer girl post, I give you this - FunSubstance
the tweet is posted to someone on their cell phone, and it looks like they
ManiküreNagelhautpflege: Wie du deine Nagelhaut schön pflegen kannst und warum du sie niemals schneiden solltest | Beauty-Tipps
an animated comic strip with two people talking to each other
Peter Parker ladies and gentlemen || credit to @thedaniellhd (Instagram)
a man standing next to a penguin with his arms crossed
DreamWorks Characters Humanized by Tamara Petrosyan aka CrazyTom | The Dancing Rest
a man in a suit sitting down with his hand on his chin
Anime Boysss
Anime Boysss – Animefang
a painting of a woman dressed in white and gold
Chiamata alle armi (dettaglio) Edmund Blair Leighton Olio su tela, 1888 Collezione privata Call to arms (detail) Edmund Blair Leighton Oil on canvas, 1888 Private collection
a drawing of a man with a cat on his back
He'll make a very intimidating chief...maybe Toothless helps with that.
several different colored plates stacked on top of each other
Chibi UtaPri!!! Aww you guys are too cute to eat >//////<(((I hate Nanami so I'll probably either eat her or burn her
an anime scene with the caption that says it's time to start something wrong
Parents be like - Gaming
Parents be like