Harrods Street Party Window

My Diamond Jubilee mood board, inspired by colours Queen Elizabeth II has worn and by her surroundings at Buckingham Palace. Palettes of pink and gold through…
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a cupcake decorated with the british flag is on a blue plate and pink wallpaper
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Pink union jack cupcakes
an outdoor party with streamers, lights and decorations hanging from the ceiling in front of a house
details we are loving
Simple crepe paper streamers and lights for party decorations
the table is set up with pink flowers and white chairs for an elegant wedding reception
Corporate Events - 2010 - The Keg Conference, Phoenix - Banquet Chairs for Sale and Rent by Chameleon Chair Collection
Gorgeous tea party
there is a pink cake on the table with other teacups in the background
女孩的夢幻蛋糕工作室Sweetapolita | 生活發現 | 妞新聞 niusnews
Tea and cake
the table is covered with pink linens and flowers
Entertaining Inspiration + A Book Recommendation
Garden party