Beneficial Bugs

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the garden is full of colorful flowers and stone structures that are built into each other
a wooden structure made out of hexagons in the grass with trees behind it
A stunning bee and insect hotel with inside seating for people to enjoy as well! Harmony
a bee house made out of wood and pine cones
Grandkids built an insect hotel! Check it out at
an assortment of plants are stacked on top of each other
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20 Ideas for making beautiful furniture from upcycled pallets | Refurbished Ideas
a pile of wood stacked on top of each other with holes in the middle and logs
Where to grow your insect army
squaredoor: image: Where to grow your insect army, a solitary bee house photographed by itsjustanalias guardian article In defense of the solitary bee, who are vital pollinators and whose future is jeopardised by many of the same problems as the honey bee.
a birdhouse made out of wood and logs with instructions on how to build it
Wildlife Project: Building an Insect Hotel
An insect hotel is a structure that offers native bees a place to build nests, a place for fireflies to lay their eggs, a place for lady beetles and butterflies and lacewings to seek shelter, and so on. Learn how to build one with Great Stems.
a bird feeder filled with pine cones and plants
'Bug Ball Topiary Tree' for insects to set up house in the garden (from Wildlife Gadgetman)
a bird house made out of wooden crates
Insect Hotels - Encourage Beneficial Insects Into Your Garden
Make an insect hotel, from the article Insect Hotels - Encourage Beneficial Insects Into Your Garden from
a plastic container filled with cereal and candy
Sweet Treat Recipes | Holiday Recipes
Earth Worm Delights
cupcakes decorated with butterflies and candies on a plate
Birthday party ideas for a 4 year old with a garden theme? Reader Q&A
Dirt cupcake recipe with gummy worms and butterfly toppers. Love!
three cupcakes with frosting and pretzels in the shape of numbers
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