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a white background with the words, i'm so high key want you
No sugarcoating it at all. We need to start making a date list lol.
the words you're my favorite notification are shown in black on a white background
Quotes 'nd Notes
❤ Danny Zuko, aka Grease's T-Bird played by John Travolta. #guiltypleasure #badboyobsessions John Krasinski, Grease 1978, Grease Is The Word, Grease Movie, Danny Zuko, Beau Film, I Love Cinema, Ewan Mcgregor, John Travolta
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❤ Danny Zuko, aka Grease's T-Bird played by John Travolta. #guiltypleasure #badboyobsessions
black and white photograph of two people smiling
Seattle news, weather, sports, events, entertainment |
Movies made in Seattle and Washington
a white wall with the words'i'd be his, if he asked '
someone wrote this on the wall in their bedroom and it is very funny to see
Falling for you.: Photo
Wow someone should have written this down and given it to me and my fiancé a year before we got together. This was us lol
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