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the collage shows pictures of different places in the world, including water and food
#Maldives #maldivesummer #moodboard #aesthetic #preppy #summer22 #summeraesthetic #beach #maldivesvacation
four different pictures with the words philippines on them and an image of boats in the water
an image of nice, france collage with buildings and people in the street below
four different views of barcelona, spain and the sea with boats in front of them
barcelone 🐠☀️
four different pictures of boats on the water and in front of some hills with flowers
portofino 🛵🍋
there are three different views of the same city and it looks like they could be in real life
the four images show different scenes from different places in the world, including water and mountains
the collage shows several different scenes from bora bora
four different pictures with people and animals at the beach, one is holding a coconut
there are two different pictures with the words tahiti on them and an island in the middle
four different views of the resort and lagoons with people in it, including water slides
Next Destination | Fiji
There are so many place to explore and not enough summer to do it! @Idiongo
four different pictures with surfboards on them and the words hawaii written in front of them