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Sally Owens from Practical Magic Outfit | ShopLook
a woman with red hair and blue eyes is making a face while holding her hands up
Practical Magic
Practical Magic 1998, Nicole Kidman. (screenshot)
My 10 Favorite 90s Films
Okay, I saved my favorite for last. I love every single thing abut this movie.
#practicalmagic #alicehoffman #witch #witchy #whimsigoth #90s Whimsigoth 90s, Witch, Your Aesthetic, Connect With People, Creative Energy, Energy
#practicalmagic #alicehoffman #witch #witchy #whimsigoth #90s
the inside of a house that is lit up at night and has many windows in it
Practical Magic
The house in Practical Magic
two women hugging on the porch of a house in front of a white picket fence