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two pictures side by side one with a cactus and the other with red flowers
Home decor. Fabric succulents and cactuses
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a cactus in a pot with two small sticks sticking out of it's side
Fox&Pigeon – Unique Home Decoration – Handmade Fabric Plants and Flowers
a vase with red flowers in it sitting on a white tablecloth covered floor next to a wall
Cactus , fake succulents, tropical plantsfarmhouse decor | Etsy
four pictures of different types of plants in pots with hands holding them up to show the size and shape of each plant
Best gift
Small and cute fabric succulents by Fox&Pigeon
a glass bowl filled with wine corks on top of a wooden table
Prickly balls
Soft and cute cacti. Fabric plants by Fox&Pigeon
there is a camera and some plants on the table next to each other with a sign that says camera
Cozy home decor
Slow living and fabric succulents
two crocheted objects sitting on top of a table
Tropical cactus
Texture and details of fabric cactus. Textile art by Fox&Pigeon
various cacti and succulents in pots with the words cactus therapy
Cactus therapy
Cozy home decor
a person holding a potted plant on top of a table filled with books and magazines
Indoor plants
Fabric succulent by Fox&Pigeon
three different types of cactus in small pots
Farmhouse decor
Fabric plants
a close up of a black and white hat with fraying on the front part
Blooming cactus
Fabric cactuses by Fox&pigeon
a person standing next to a radio and cacti
Fabric succulents
Home decoration in vintage mood
two cactus plants in pots on the ground
Textile plants and home decor by FoxPigeonDecor on Etsy