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a small black and white house in the woods with leaves on the ground next to it
EASTON+COMBS, hiepler, brunier, · HOUSE FOUR
HOUSE N°4,completed in the autum of 2017, is located in rural Berkshire County, MA. Based on minimization of construction waste, and maximization of building performance, this design achieves a high level of performance and comfort utilizing readily avai
the side of a building that has a window and a metal roof on top of it
the roof of a house with two chimneys
an apartment building with many windows and balconies on the top floor is shown in this aerial view
Penthouses installed on top of a traditional Mexican house
La Roma by Cadaval & Sola-Morales
the cars are driving down the street in front of some tall white buildings with windows
Raabestraße | Gate
an artist's rendering of a brick building on a cobblestone street with people walking by
modern tenement, Poznan | zvaa. architectural visualisation
two people are walking on the sidewalk in front of a brick building with large windows
Gallery of Shoreham Street / Project Orange - 10
Image 10 of 30 from gallery of Shoreham Street / Project Orange. Courtesy of project orange
the building is made of brick and has many windows on each side, along with other buildings in the background
192 Shoreham Street by Project Orange
London architects Project Orange have added to the roof of a redundant brick warehouse in Sheffield
an old brick building with glass windows on the outside
Welsh+Major Architects The Rocks Old Police Station Vitrocsa Australia ®
Welsh+Major Architects The Rocks Old Police Station
two pictures of the same building with different windows
Shoreham Street by Project Orange
a tall brick building with lots of windows on it's sides and side walls
Roof Extension
an empty courtyard in front of a brick building with two large windows on each side
Shoreham Street / Project Orange
Shoreham Street / Project Orange
two tall brick buildings next to each other
rusty roof extension
rusty roof extension
a red brick building with two story windows
Alexis vivienda recomendados belgica ampliacion 2
a brick building with two windows on the roof
Copper architecture | Dezeen
COPPER - INNOVATIONS 2015 COLOR OF THE YEAR | Poulsom Middlehurst adds copper-clad extension to east London attic flat
an instagram page with a photo of a house and the caption for pinterest
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Turner House | Freadman White Location: Melbourne, Australia
two windows on the side of a building with bushes in front of them and trees behind it
Westbourne Drive Dormer Windows by NORD Architecture. Modern Dormers with frameless glazing in a red rosemary roof. Beautiful contemporary bungalow attic conversion
a bedroom with sliding glass doors on the side of it and palm trees in the background
Gallery of Escobar Renovation / Chen + Suchart Studio - 4
Escobar Renovation,© Winquist Photography
an image of a view from the roof of a building
Classroom extension by Studio Webb Architects
Classroom extension by Studio Webb Architects
the building is made out of black corrugated
V36K08/09 by Pasel Kuenzel Architects | Dezeen
Zinc and timber cladding on a house in Leiden - Pasel Kuenzel Architects
an artist's rendering of two people walking past a brick building
Abercorn Estate, St John's Wood, London
Modern Contemporary Architect Housing Residential St John Wood London Zinc cladding Fletcher Crane