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the instructions to make a driftwood planter with succulents
DIY Driftwood Planter Made With Cedar | Succulent Planter Tutorial
Step-By-Step DIY Camper Van Conversion Process
Step-By-Step DIY Camper Van Conversion Process
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10 Amazing Ford Transit Conversions For Van Life Inspiration | Fun Life Crisis
three tin can wind chimes hanging on a window sill with beads and crystals
Beaded Solar Lanterns
a glass jar filled with lots of different colored candies next to a potted plant
DIY Solar Lantern - Luminary Jar
Up-cycle an old jelly jar into something useful and decorative for your backyard patio area! Gather Materials Needed for DIY Solar Lantern Empty jar (I used a small jelly jar.) Flat Glass Marbles (mine are from Dollar General Store) Solar Lamp (mine is from Dollar General Store) Hot Glue Gun E6000 Adhesive Attach Glass Marbles to Jar There are several different methods that you can try to attach the glass marbles to the glass jar... from my experience, I recommend using a com…