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two people standing on a deck next to the ocean
xiaohongshu cute couple photoshoot love aesthetic movie film vibes 90s sea water beach
a man and woman kissing on the beach with an ocean view in the back ground
a man and woman in a boat with flowers on the front, standing next to each other
two women are sitting on rocks in the water and one is touching her hand with another woman's knee
two people standing in the water looking at each other
two people standing on the beach with seagulls flying over them
two people are walking along the water at sunset or dawn, one is wearing a pink shirt and the other is black pants
two people are running on the beach near the water
two people standing next to each other near the water
a man and woman sitting on the edge of a wall looking up at something in the sky
two people standing next to each other with flowers in front of their faces and the sky behind them