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Handcrafted Seashell Jewelry
18K Hypoallergenic Earring Lifter (Set of 2)
a white step stool with blue flowers painted on the side and one shelf below it
Musselmalet IKEA taburet - Think I would do this in 'element' style
the process of making a leaf shaped bowl
Декоративные листья
Make diy leaf bowls from air dry clay
a piece of art made out of sea glass and driftwood is hanging on the wall
Coastal DIY- Ombre Seaglass Windchime | Coastal Home Blog
DIY sea glass wind chime
two pictures of the same necklace with different colors
Sea Glass Project You Can Make at Home - Sand and Sisal
Sea glass imbedded in wood. Wish I had enough to make this. Love the graduated color.
an abstract painting with multiple colors and lines on it's sides, including the bottom half
My girlfriend asked for a ring
My gf asked for a ring
a bed with a red, white and blue sailboat decal on the wall
Sailboat Sails Vinyl Wall Decal Boy's or Girls's | Etsy
Sailboat Sails Vinyl Wall Decal Boy's Bedroom by ItsWallWorthIt
some clothes hanging out to dry in the grass
DIY Star Shaped Clothes Drying Rack
DIY Star Shaped Clothes Drying Rack