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a kitchen with an oven, pot and tea kettle on the counter next to it
Monty Sibbel by Nuud Studio
Monty Sibbel by Nuud Studio | Australian Interior Design Awards
the kitchen is clean and ready for us to use
Spargo væglampe, indirekte lys, messingdetaljer, køb på
Indirekte lys er drivkraften bag Spargo-væglampen af danske Anker Studio. Den store, let buede skærm reflekterer lyset op på væggen og spreder det ud i rummet. Skærmen sidder elegant fast på basen i børstet messing.
a book shelf with books and other items on it in front of a window that is casting long shadows
Interior & product styling / Photography
Interior & product styling / Photography / Lost somewhere between Nordic & Japanese #warmminimalism (and all it in an old villa in a tiny Alpine town) - .ARKT @ByARKT #interiorstyling #sideboardstyling #productstyling #lifestylephotography #finnjuhl #newworks #architectmade #productphotography