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a white board with writing on it that says wow, the last two hours really flew by i hope teachers didn't say anything important
25 Funny Whiteboard Quotes to Entertain You
a drawing of a spongebob holding a tennis racquet in his hand
I'm ready... spongebob whiteboard drawing. Drawn by: Gabrielle🐷
a drawing of mickey mouse in red and black
a sign with an image of a cartoon character in the center and words written on it
Lilo and Stitch - Drawings I've done on the whiteboard at the Knoxville Hospital in Knoxville, IA, to cheer up the patients and their families (as well as the staff) as we walk through the halls. - Addie Binns
a black and white drawing of a cartoon character with the words me hoy minoy
"Me Hoy Minoy Spongebob Meme" Sticker for Sale by vivienne G
"Me Hoy Minoy Spongebob Meme" Sticker by indieguo | Redbubble