43 Pins
two wooden reindeers sitting next to each other on top of a wood bench in front of a fence
paper plates with snowmen on them are arranged in a row against a tiled wall
two red and white cotton candy decorations in a window sill
Aktiviteter for og med børn
some apples are sitting on a table with fake branches in the shape of reindeer noses
a vase filled with greenery sitting on top of a tiled floor next to a door
Christmas decoration
a large metal container with pine cones and decorations on the front door sill next to steps
a potted plant in an old watering can with a bow on the handle and pine cones
My Christmas Home Tour 2013
christmas trees and other decorations are arranged in front of a wall with a wreath on it
En stor krans og andet udendørspynt til gavlen
some potted plants and fruit on a table
Der pyntes op til jul i haven