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three bell ornaments hanging from strings on the ceiling, each with different designs and colors
4 Best Space Heaters of 2024, Tested and Reviewed
Decorative Holiday Bell
several slices of bread with white net on them sitting next to each other in front of a white background
Fiber Artist Terézia Krnáčová’s ‘Every Day’ Bread - KnitHacker
a piece of wood that has some red beads on it
Linescape - Broken line, Dick Lubbersen - Atelier|Helderrood, www.helderrood.nl
a scooter parked next to a tree with red balls hanging from it's branches
Beautiful yarn bomb in China
I dream of being a guerilla knitter one day.
a tree with red springs attached to it's bark and some moss growing on the bark
Golden Peak Media: Creative Enthusiast Network
Hannah Streefkerk's installation at Land Art Biënnale 2010 - Valkenswaard, Netherlands
a woman sitting in the middle of a forest surrounded by trees and logs, making a spiral
Karin van der Molen
a basket sitting in the middle of some grass
structure bl essai 1 (PLUMe - land art) Tags: nature rose eau udo landart goldsworthy bl ecoart artenvironnemental lalandart
there is a bird that is sitting in the nest on the grass by the water
Jette Mellgren
the trunk of a tree that has been carved into it
Art center Silkeborg bad....art outside in the park...
scorched birch at kunstcentret silkeborg bad, denmark by stuart ian frost
two trees are shown through a wire fence
sticks eye land art
several woven baskets are stacked on top of each other in the shape of spirals
Botswana - Botswana Baskets. BelAfrique your personal travel planner - www.BelAfrique.com
two vases with plants in them sitting on a table next to each other and one is made out of woven material
Wire and beads
They are made in South Africa, of course - Capetown to be exact - read about Streetwires in Hand/Eye magazine (photo is one from the article). This fair trade organisation provides employment for 120 people, many of whom learned to make tin-can objects as children.