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the sun shines brightly over some wildflowers
Bachelor Buttons - both my pepere and my favourite flowers. Memories...
a dandelion is blowing in the wind
Dandelion . <3
the full moon is seen over mountains in this dark night time scene with low clouds
Life is too short, don't be ....
Life is too short, don't be ....
a large group of colorful birds standing next to each other
tropical colors
an old woman with her hands on her face and the words life is better when you're laughing
at 100 !!
Beauty/Laughter keeps you young. (great smile, smiling, portrait, people, photo, picture, photography, laugh, laughing, positive, inspiring, motivation, feel good, happy, happiness, joy, beautiful, amazing, old woman)
a christmas tree with lights in the shape of hearts on it's bottom and merry christmas written across the top
Tree of hearts.
there comes the sun with two birds flying over water and clouds in the sky above
Here Comes The Sun Art Print by Sabine Doberer | Society6 ....
a person holding up a polaroid with seagulls flying over the ocean
Sticky9 - Bring your Instagrams & Photos to life - Create beautiful personalised products
These cute magnets can be made with photos from your Instagram, camera-roll or desktop. A nice idea to stick your memories around! And they do free delivery worldwide.
a calendar with the word january on it and a pen next to it, sitting on top of a desk
Essential Wedding Invitation Advice, Etiquette & Ideas | The Knot
Free Printable 2014 Calendar
an ostrich's head with three different expressions in the same speech bubble
the poetry of material things
a black and white photo of a dandelion
blue flowers with white stamens are blooming in the dark garden, close - up
Nordic Shades
nordic blue
some lights hanging from the side of an old building on a city street at night
Salerno - my city
Italian Chistmas lights, Salerno, Italy
a black brick wall with an image of a woman on it's side and a wire attached to the wall
Domein Gereserveerd -
Bricks ThomasEurlings