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a small blue box with a handle is sitting on a bed and has a flower in it
Vintage Rain Bonnet With Carrying Case, Tres Chic - Etsy
Rain Bonnets...didn't every Mom carry one in their purse for an emergency?
a toy truck with wheels on a wooden table in front of a window and the words pull'n'long written below it
Fisher-Price Pull-A-Long Lacing Shoe
Fisher-Price Pull-A-Long Lacing Shoe
a dalmatian dog toy with wheels on it's back and neck, standing upright
retro toys
Just bought one of these brand new and in the box for my granddaugther who will be born in Oct. '12 - LG
the magnetic drawing set has an orange nose
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Vintage Wooly Willy Dapper Dan the Magnetic Man Toy, |
many different colored plastic containers with flowers on them
Middle Aged Memories
Rainhats - No lady was caught without one.....
an old fashioned toy wagon with red wheels and two keys attached to the front wheel
Here they are! Just like my old adjustable Metal Roller Skates
an old fashioned green phone is hanging on the wall
70s kid!
!970’s Wall Phone
a red and black plaid suitcase sitting on top of a white floor
Collecting 1950s Plaid Lunchboxes And Picnic Collectibles
1950s Plaid Lunchbox, I had one!
an old match card with two men dancing on the danceflosser and words perfect match
Tom Frost Matchbox Illustrations
Tom Frost Matchbox Illustrations #graphic design #typography #illustration
an old poster with a chair and vase on the back ground, in front of a black background
Unica. Tentoonstelling toegespaste kunst. By Cor van Velsen, 1950 - 54.