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Art ideas and classroom art projects for preschool, pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, first grade, second grade & third grade classes
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Seahorse Art Project
Draw and paint a seahorse with some clear, straightforward steps! It's an ideal summer creative project for kids or whn you're teaching an ocean unit of work at school! Learn more on the blog!
Let's Draw Watermelon
Let's draw some watermelon with crayons and paint them with watercolors. See some design ideas on the blog!
Turtle Drawings
Draw and paint turtles for a creative and fun summer project! Your children can learn about ocean creatures, explore facts about turtles and practice for writing too! Learn more on the blog!
children's artwork displayed on table in brightly colored room with toy storage bins
Crab Paintings
Draw and paint some cheerful crabs for summer!
Turtle Art project
Draw and paint a turtle for some fun summertime creativity! Learn more on the blog!
Moon Jellyfish Art Ideas
After drawing a moon jellyfish add some background detail and paint with watercolors! It's a fun, creative activity for summer art projects with preschool and kindergarten children and will help their fine motor and writing skills too! See some art ideas on the blog!
Ice Cream Art Projects
Draw, write and paint some vibrant colorful ice creams to practice fine motor, creativity and be a catalyst for language and writing activities! See more on the blog!
Art Projects for Kindergarten
Get the crayons and paint out, it's time for some bright happy art projects that also lay a foundation for writing and reading! Learn more on the blog!
this is an image of a child's birthday card with clowns on it
Bee Drawing and Art Project
Draw and paint bees for fine motor and early handwriting practice! Follow teh simple steps with pencil, crayon or markers!
the table is full of colorful paper plates and pencils, with pictures on it
Caterpillar Garden Art Project
Practice lines that are essential for letter formation - clockwise and counterclockwise loops - with a warm up and make an artwork at the same time. Your children will draw loops to make a caterpillar garden, flowers, foilage, butterflies, caterpillars and more! Learn more on the blog post!
paper plate pumpkins with faces on them hanging from clothes pins in front of a rainbow background
Orange Art Project for Kids
Draw a page full of sweet oranges with paper, crayons and paint. Over on the blog you'll find a step by step guide to help you and your learners draw, paint and create.
the children's artwork is displayed in front of their classroom calendars and toys
Leap Day Frog Art Project
Draw some leaping frogs for Leap Day on February 29. Students can learn about frogs, Leap Day or the sun too! Learn more - including tips for drawing with kindergarten - over on the blog!
a child's art project is displayed on top of a colorful cabinet with crayons
Penguin Art Project
Drawing and creating art projects in the classroom helps you integrate creatively, fine motor skills and a springboard for literacy and language activities. Find a cute winter penguin drawing for children to do, over on the blog!
Christmas Pudding Drawings
Draw and paint an adorable plum pudding for Christmas using just a few simple strokes and scribbles. After drawing your children can paint or color and clip them in line for a lovely display. Read more on the blog!
there are many different items on the desk in front of the calendars and books
Arctic Hare Drawing
Let's draw an Arctic Hare. Use crayons, art paper and watercolors to draw and create a cute Arctic Hare. It features simple lines and steps for your youngest learners who are new to drawing! Find the steps to follow and more, over on the blog