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Summer printable, activities and ideas for kindergarten and first grade.
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two children's bookshelves with posters on the wall and pictures hanging above them
Ice Cream Craft
Find a cute and free ice cream craft to trace, color, paint, cut and glue over on the blog! Ideal for summer activities and at school, your children can trace the pattern lines for pre-writing practice and learn scissor skills as they cut and assemble their craft. Enjoy!
a child's book with an image of a turtle in the middle and other children's books behind it
Writing About Turtles
Draw and write about turtles as you explore and discover the fascinating creatures that live in the ocean. Ideal as a summer project with kindergarten and first grade students, hop over to the blog to learn more!
Learn about the different types of turtles and write with your children to help them understand informational texts. See the blog for tips and ideas! Informational Texts, Ideas, Texts, Children, Types Of Turtles
Writing About Turtles
Learn about the different types of turtles and write with your children to help them understand informational texts. See the blog for tips and ideas!
Fish Craft
Create an ocean of pretty fish with the printable craft page in our Sweet Heart crafts pack! Your students can read about teh ocean, paint, explore a sensory bin or write about fish too! Read more on the blog!
Draw and Paint a Crab
Learn about ocean and beach creatures by reading books, watching videos online and drawing pictures! Here is a simple crab to draw that will also help develop essential moves for writing!
there are many colorful kites hanging from the ceiling in this kids's room
Paper Sailboat Craft
Fold and make a cute paper sailboat to add to a summer or ocean themed bulletin board or display. Learn more on the blog!
a cartoon character holding a baby in a crib with the words clam shell craft on it
Clam Shell Craft
Find a fun clam shell craft to paint, trace, color and cut - the perfect summer activity to keep kids creative and happy! Learn more on the blog!
a person holding up a paper cut out of a sun with scissors next to it
Summer Sunshine Craft
In the free craft library we have a sun for your creative time this summer! Your children will love cutting and pasting simple shapes to make this happy sun!
a card with the words put a cherry on top and two pink pigs in front
Color Create Motivate - Fruit Fun
a person holding up a coloring book in front of a shelf full of markers and pencils
Mermaid Coloring Page
Find this mermaid coloring page and a huge range of other activities and fun over at our coloring club website!
a desktop computer sitting on top of a desk next to a cup and pen holder
Sun Screen Wallpaper
Take some sunshine wherever you go with our happy screen wallpaper. Find it free over on our blog!
an ice cream themed bulletin board with markers and pencils
Sweet Summer Bulletin Board
Create a sweet summer bulletin board with our free craft and word cards. Each student can use crayons, paint, pencil or markers to make their sweet treat and display it with the whole class. Find out more over on our blog post!