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several rolls with nuts on top sitting on a baking sheet
Vinterboller med syltet appelsin, dadler og nødder (aka. Juleboller) - V FOR VEGETARISK
a pizza with tomatoes, zucchini and other toppings on a cutting board
Galette med zucchini og tomater -
a close up of a pizza on a piece of wax paper with onions and herbs
Cremet Champignontærte - Opskrift På Tærte Med Champignon
bread rolls are lined up and ready to be baked in the oven, with almonds on top
Juleboller med chokolade - Opskrift på bløde juleboller -
1h 40m
a hand holding a biscuit over a cooling rack with other biscuits on top of it
Risengrødsboller | Opskrift; sådan forvandles en rest risengrød til risengrødsboller | Nanna Pretzmann
a pizza with tomatoes, spinach and other toppings on a cutting board
Lækker blomkåls-calzone med skinke, ost, tomatsovs og asparges
small appetizers are arranged on a white plate with blue tablecloth and light blue cloth
Philadelphia - Opskrifter - Laksebidder med urter
a bowl full of crispy chickpeas with the title how to make crispy chick peas
I Finally Figured Out How to Make the Crispiest, Crunchiest Chickpeas—And They're Seriously Good on Everything
brussel sprouts, brussels sprouts and nuts in a blue and white bowl
Lun rosenkålssalat med honning og mandler ⋆ BY DIANAWI
a glass bowl filled with fried food on top of a table
Knasende kikærter
small appetizers are sitting on a wooden table next to christmas decorations and candles
Minipizzor med grönkål, feta och rostade mandlar
four waffle sandwiches on a plate with silverware
Grov spinatvaffel sandwich med laks, avokado & hytteost (Christina Dueholm)