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a drawing of a window with vines growing out of it
two pictures showing the different angles of an outdoor planter and how to use it
First Impressions Count - How to Increase Your Curb Appeal 2022
Hide the Downspout with a Trellis.
two stuffed animals sitting on top of a planter in the grass next to a house
Home garden decor tips garden decorations 2023
a potted plant sitting on top of a window sill next to a faucet
Iron Orchid Designs
Step by step tutorial on how to turn a $7 plastic planter into a vintage looking French clay pot. Easy DIY project for indoor home decor or outdoor patio accessory with Iron Orchid Designs. #DIYhomedecor #EasyDIY #DIYOutdoor
a house with a plant growing out of the front porch and attached to the side of the house
The Deliberate Agrarian
purple flowers are growing in black pots on the ground
Papo de Paisagista - Xeropaisagismo e os jardins de Steve Martino - Casa de Valentina
Na esteira da preocupação mundial com o progressivo esgotamento dos recursos hídricos do planeta, surge a moda do xeropaisagismo (grego xeros ‘seco’), isto é, a predominância de xerófitas no paisagismo, plantas que requerem pouca água. #casadevalentina #decor #decoracao #decorhouse #interiordesign #decordetails #paisagismo #plantas #jardim #garden
blue flowers are blooming in the garden
200 Trailing Blue Carpet Lobelia Seeds, Erinus Lobelia, Ground Cover or Hanging Baskets ES012C
a planter filled with lots of different colored flowers
Portfolio | Landscaping in Greater Chicago | James Martin Associates