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a clover with the words 10 reasons to plant a clover lawn
10 Reasons to Plant a Clover Lawn
Clover is an excellent alternative to lawn! Here are 10 reasons why you should consider planting a clover lawn instead of a turf lawn.
a close up of some wood planks on a floor with paint peeling off the sides
HempWood offers a versatile, sustainable wood alternative
"(Hemp) plants grow quickly and are ready for harvest in only 120 days. Compared to traditional tree-based woods such as oak, hickory and maple that grow for hundreds of years, hemp can provide a renewable option for the wood industry." #HempWood
a brown goat eating grass from a person's hand
How Goat Poop Illuminates the Future of Biotechnology - Modern Farmer
"The findings... may offer a roadmap for future engineers to design a system that can turn plant waste into energy or other valuable products. The study could also help scientists develop a way to lessen the methane emissions from livestock."
before and after photos of a cactus plant
Two Men Created ‘Vegan Leather’ From Cactus to Save Animals and the Environment
"Desserto is made after nopal, which is a type of cactus, is processed into a material suitable for the making of all sorts of clothes and accessories."