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Have a TShirt that’s too long?? 🙋🏼‍♀️ I have an easy transformation!! Your tee can go from long and boring to fitted and super cool!! ⤵️ Comment and let me know if you like this style! You can also use ribbon, or other fabric to make it more unique, don’t limit your creativity!! SAVE this video for later!! XO-Liz💋 #diyfashion #thriftedstyles #thriftedfashionfinds #thriftedfashions #bandteestyle #bandtees #bandteeshirt #styleinspo #thrifted #affordablestyle #afforɗablefashion #curvyandpetit...
a woman with braids before and after her t - shirt
DIY Sew: Front Tie Tee Shirt Refashion
a blue shirt with a knot on the front and back, hanging up against a white wall
DIY Tie Tee: Olsen Style
Hey! Look what I Made!: DIY Tie Tee: Olsen Style
an image of the philadelphia rock'n'roll t - shirt on display in black and white
DIY Workout Shirt - Eat More Rabbit Food
Easiest T-shirt hack!
Watch as we unveil the simplest T-shirt hack that will elevate your style in minutes. Say goodbye to plain tees and hello to a fashion-forward look with this DIY transformation. Grab your T-shirt and let's get creative! 🔗👕 #DIYFashion #TShirtHacks #FashionUpgrade
Do you have a tee hanging in your closet that’s too big?? 🙋🏼‍♀️ Lemme show you another way you can transform it and make it customized to fit you! And also so cute!⤵️ COMMENT “Video” if you need a link to my Hack the Hemline reel! And make sure you’re following along so you don’t miss any of my clothing hacks and styling! XO-Liz💋 #diyfashion #thriftedstyles #thriftedfashionfinds #thriftedfashions #bandteestyle #bandtees #bandteeshirt #styleinspo #thrifted #affordablestyle #affordablefashio...
a person cutting off a shirt with scissors and some other items in front of them
DIY T-shirt Cutting and Distressing: How to Make Your T-shirts Stand Out on the Cheap
the instructions for how to sew an easy tank top with short sleeves and shorts
20 DIY T-Shirt Cutting Ideas
20 DIY T-Shirt Cutting Ideas
a pair of scissors sitting on the ground next to a pink shirt that says margaritaville
The *Best* Way to Crop Your T-Shirts
a woman holding up a t - shirt with the words, tshirt too long easy
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How to Wear Maxi Skirts? 24 Outfit Ideas and Tips
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6 Outfits To Perfect The Hippie 2.0 Trend