Canning & Preserving the Harvest

All you need to know about putting up that abundant harvest, with tips for canning an preserving your own jams, jellies, salsas, pickles, sauces, soups, broths…
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two jars filled with food sitting on top of a wooden table next to each other
How to Can Pork – Step By Step • New Life On A Homestead
Canned pork is a good, nutritious food to stockpile for the winter, or for emergencies without electricity. Here's how to do it the right way. #canning #pork
jars filled with pickled vegetables sitting on top of a table next to a sign that says how to can chicken of the woods mushrooms
How to Can Chicken Of The Woods Mushrooms • New Life On A Homestead
Canned mushrooms are delicious long-term foods, and Chicken of the Woods mushrooms only need to be water bathed. Here's how. #canning #musrooms #selfreliance
the best ham and bean soup recipe is in mason jars, surrounded by other canned foods
Best Ham and Bean Soup - Canning Guide
Fall is in the air at that means its time to stock up on comforting soups for the winter!
canning supplies for beginners with text overlay
Canning Supplies for Beginners
Interested in home canning but not sure what supplies you need? As a long time canner, here are the supplies that I use regularly and that will help any beginner canner. #foodpreservation #canningforbeginners
carrots and other vegetables with the title 9 tips & recipes for storing fresh carrots
9 Simple Tips & Recipes for Storing Fresh Carrots
Discover how to store unwashed, fresh carrots in damp sand or by leaving them in the ground, covered in mulch. Keep carrots fresh in the fridge by wrapping them in damp paper towels or store them by canning for the longest shelf life. #howtostorecarrots #storingcarrots #carrotstorage
how long do jalapenos last? - presentation and storage tips from the bulletnut com
How Long Do Jalapenos Last - Preservation and Storage Tips
Find the answer to the question, “How long do jalapenos last?” with our guide. We show you methods for pickling jalapeno peppers and other hot peppers. Your family will love your pickled jalapenos. #jalapenos #storejalapenos #preservejalapenos
cucumbers and other vegetables in crates with the words 17 tips & recipes for storing cut, sliced & raw cucumbers
17+ Tips & Recipes for Storing Cut, Sliced and Raw Cucumbers
Zucchini, cukes, and other veggies have varying expiration dates depending on how they are stored. Learn how to keep cucumbers crispy at room temperature or refrigerated in the crisper drawer wrapped in a paper towel and plastic wrap. #storingcucumbers #store #cucumber
jars filled with food sitting on top of a table next to lavenders and herbs
8 Ways to Preserve Food At Home
There are many ways to preserve food at home. Learn which foods can be canned, dehydrated, fermented, infused, dry cured and more with this in-depth guide to home food preservation. #foodpreservation #waystopreservefood #preserving
Quick & Easy Fermented Tomatoes Tomatoes, How To Can Tomatoes, Canning Tomatoes, Tomatoes Recipe, Fresh Tomatoes, Fermented Tomatoes, Tomato Recipes, Tomato Salsa
Quick & Easy Fermented Tomatoes
If you’ve ever spent hours canning tomatoes, you’re going to be completely blown away by this “oh-so-incredibly-easy”, “I can’t believe it’s true” Lacto-fermented tomatoes recipe. Did you know you are able to can quarts and quarts of fresh tomatoes in just minutes – maybe even seconds? That’s because the tomatoes actually do the work themselves. It’s almost like magic. Now, if only I could find a way to make my tomatoes pick themselves from their vines and march into my ready canning jars.
applesauce canning bee in jars with the caption cottage farmstead
Homemade Applesauce Canning
Time for the annual applesauce canning day! Watch an overview of how to make applesauce and water bath (or steam canner) homemade applesauce.
jars filled with asparagus sitting on top of a table next to other vegetables
14+ Clever Ways to Store Asparagus
Learn how to store fresh asparagus in the crisper by wrapping the cut ends in paper towel, or refrigerate them by wrapping the bunch in a rubber band and placing the cut ends in an inch of water to prevent the veggies from getting mushy. #storing #fresh #asparagus #storage #storeasparagus
several different types of food in jars with the words 7 creative canning and cabbage tips & recipes
7+ Creative Canning Cabbage Tips & Recipes
Come learn how to can cabbage in a variety of ways with our amazing recipes. Use pickling methods along with a water bath or pressure canner to preserve cabbage in a variety of ways, including slaw and sauerkraut. #canningcabbage #canning #cabbage
what you need to know about pressure canning and how to use it in the kitchen
How to Safely Use a Pressure Canner (a tutorial)
Ready to up your home preserving game? Learning how to safely use a pressure canner is a great step! Learn how to preserve low acid foods like meat, beans, potatoes, and corn. #canning
canning homemade pepper jelly in glass jars with peppers and crackers on the table next to them
Canning Pepper Jelly
This pepper jelly is so easy to make! Combine sweet green and red bell peppers and hot jalapenos to can this delicious jelly at home. A fantastic appetizer combined with cream cheese or make extra for gift giving!
canning food is worth it? here's to decide how big splendor com
Is canning food worth it?
Canning is a great way to preserve food but it takes time and resources. Is it worth the time and money to can food? Take a look at my breakdown and decide. #canningfood #canningandpreserving #foodpreservation