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hydrangeas with text overlay how to grow hydrangeas complete care guide
How To Grow Hydrangeas: Complete Care Guide - Get Busy Gardening
If you want to plant hydrangeas there are a few things to keep in mind. Learn about the different varieties and how to choose where to grow this part shade flowering shrub. Find out everything you need to know to care for your hydrangeas so they produce lots of flowers year after year. Enhance your landscaping with large blooms that can change colors with a different soil acidity. Keep this big, bushy plant happy and healthy with the right pruning and water for the best long-lasting flowers.
red flowers with the words beautiful red flowers for every season written on it in white
List Of Red Flowers By Season
If you like red flowers, you'll LOVE my collection of beautiful red flowers listed by season. Add some to a border, couple some with your favorite white or yellow flowers cut a few, and put them in a vase, and you'll enjoy these beauties all year long. #redflowers #redroses #reddahlias #redflowergarden #gardener #landscape #landscaping #flowers #cutflowers
blue flowers with text overlay how to make hydrangea flowers blue
Hydrangea Color Change: The Cause & What To Do (2024 Guide)
Have you ever had a blue hydrangea turn pink? This is all about hydrangea color change. What causes it & steps to take to keep or change the color.
azalea plant with pink flowers in the background and text overlay that reads how to revive a fading azalea plant
How to Revive a Fading Azalea Plant
Here are the best ways to treat a fading, wilting or dying azalea plant, plus how to keep them healthy. #gardeningtips #gardening #gardening101 #azalea
purple flowers with the title how to encourage snapdragons to spread
How To Encourage Snapdragons To Spread
Looking to turn your snapdragons into more snapdragons? Find out whether or not it can happen naturally, as well as how to encourage it. #gardeningtips #gardening #gardening101 #snapdragons
colorful flowers with the title 9 actionable tips for gerber daisy care and handling
9 Actionable Tips For Gerbera Daisy Care and Handling
Gerbera daisies, also known as Transvaal daisy, are commonly used in bouquets as cut flowers, but in specific plant growing zones (8-11), you can grow them outside as perennials. In today's article, we're going to discuss several actionable tips for gerbera daisy care, growing, and postharvest handling. Among other things, we'll discuss how you can induce vigorous re-blooming, water requirements, overwintering, pre and postharvest handling, and common gerbera problems. Check out the article...
the words when to plant tulip bulbs are overlaid with images of various vegetables
When To Plant Tulip Bulbs
Deciding when to plant your tulips can make or break your blooms. There are specific months that are best for planting tulips depending on where you live. Let’s look at when to plant tulip bulbs, including the best temperature for planting tulip bulbs and how your local Hardiness Zone can help with timing.
pink flowers with the words growing sweet peas in hanging baskets
Growing Sweet Peas In Hanging Baskets | Slick Garden
Growing Sweet Peas In Hanging Baskets | Slick Garden. There are so many benefits of growing sweet peas hanging baskets. The first and most obvious one is beauty, hanging baskets looks so cool. The second one is a space problem. If you have no place to grow these beautiful flowers, the hanging basket is the answer. #gardening #sweetpeas #flowers #slickgarden
blue flowers with the words bachelor's buttons how to grow and care for cornflowers
Bachelor's Buttons - How to Grow and Care For Cornflowers
Cornflowers are a pretty annual wildflower that was once commonly seen growing natively throughout Britain's rural meadows. Unfortunately, as with many species of wildflowers, the cornflower is now rarely seen in the wild. It has become almost extinct in rural landscapes thanks to modern agricultural methods.
lily of the valley care - a beginner's guide to growing corvalia
Lily of The Valley for Sale - Buying & Growing Guide -
Lily of the Valley is a flowering woodland plant that grows easily in shaded, moist conditions. It features dainty-looking white flowers that are bell-shaped and emit a very strong sweet scent
purple flowers with green leaves and text that reads balloon flower platypocon grandiflorus easy caring tips
Balloon Flowers for Sale - Buying & Growing Guide -
Balloon flowers come in a number of attractive varieties, though none will bloom the first year. The biggest problem to look for is snails and slugs, which will make the plant unsightly as they eat on it.
colorful flowers are growing in the garden with text overlay
Celosia for Sale - Buying & Growing Guide -
Celosia has many colorful varieties and is easy to grow in a wide range of hardiness zones. The biggest concern is to keep the soil moist but not too wet to protect the roots from rotting.
red and yellow flowers with green leaves in the background text reads, how to grow and care for the peruvian lily
Alstroemerias - How to Grow
To get the most flowers from your alstroemerias, be sure to keep it well-watered and in a position with plenty of sunshine. It is drought-tolerant but won’t produce as well if left dry.
orange and yellow flowers with text overlay that reads, margold flowers - our best tips to care for margolds
Marigold Flowers - Our Best Tips To Care For Marigolds
Marigolds grow quickly and easily in any zone and are very drought-tolerant. Be careful with them if you don’t want to spread.
blue flowers with the title 20 types of blue flowers - a visual compenium
20 Types of Blue Flowers - A Visual Compendium
Blue flowers are not considered exceptionally rare, but they are certainly one of the least commonly found flower colors in gardens, with blue flowers accounting for just ten percent of all flowering plants known in the world.