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someone is holding up a piece of paper with some type of words on it and the other side
Внутри папки несколько полупрозрачных листов с разбросанными буквами и обрывами фраз. Нужно поднести листы близко друг к другу, чтобы сложить надписи и прочитать приветственное сообщение от ген. директора
someone is holding up a sign that says you've been pronounced to the doctor
Using Escape Rooms in ELA - Nouvelle ELA Teaching Resources
Using Escape Rooms in ELA is a great way to promote collaboration, critical thinking, and engagement. Students work together on a variety of tasks to find the necessary keys to escape. Learn more about how to develop and set up a successful escape room for your students.
a wire basket with magazines in it sitting on a table
From Breakout EDU idea from Facebook.
two zippered pouches are sitting on the floor next to keys and wallets
Secure lock through zipper end through the grommet hole. $7 Home Depot in the tool belt section.
a hand holding a plastic cup with writing on it and the words escape the classroom
Kraak de code
Training Escape the Classroom In een Escape the Classroom lost een groepje leerlingen een aantal spannende puzzels op. Ondertussen wordt er van alles geleerd; letterlijk spelenderwijs leren. Escape the Classroom is er voor alle leeftijden, niveaus en over elk denkbaar onderwerp. Je leerlingen krijgen er enorm veel leerplezier van! #biologie #escapetheclassroom #escaperoompuzzel #biologieles #kraakdecode
a woman is writing on a wall with green light
Top 11 Puzzle Ideas for Escape Rooms | Escape Hour
two pictures with different shapes and numbers on them, one has a puzzle for kids
Can Your Kids Solve the Magic Triangle Math Puzzle?
a piece of paper that has been drawn on to it with letters and numbers in the middle
Horcrux Hunt Escape Room Part 3: Diagon Alley, Slytherin Locket
a person is cutting out some cards with scissors
How to make a scratch off lottery ticket?