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a round tile with a painting of a woman in red and orange colors on it
Happy Dancer
Daning woman of mosaic
an art piece made out of various objects and materials on a black surface with grey background
Karen Klassen Mosaics - Visual Mixed Media Artist
Karen Klassen (Edmonton, AB) is a visual mixed media artist creating wall art & pocket art mosaics using organic and exotic materials from around the world.
a piece of art made out of wood and wire with various items on the top
Karen Klassen Mosaics - Visual Mixed Media Artist
Pocket Art: Agate, shale, turquoise, driftwood, quartz, porcelain, copper, marble, pyrite.
an art piece is displayed on the wall
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a glass table sitting on top of a tile floor next to a tiled flooring area
Round Coffee Table Are For Limited Space -
Often the round coffee table could just be the perfect fit for a living room or maybe den that has limited room or space. These tables generally take up a smaller amount space compared to the regular square or rectangular table. The round table could possibly save enough room that you'll be able to navigate around it. This kind of coffee table works well with a circular sofa because furniture will wrap around the table. Find out about Round Coffee Tables
a piece of art that is made out of glass and paper with fish on it
Mel Miller Mosaic Artist
Inner Karoo Landscape (Eternity in a Moment) 2014 - Mel Miller
two pictures of different colored rugs on the floor
curated contemporary art
jonathanfuller - sea glass!
an image of a mosaic pattern made up of small tiles
antonella zorzi mosaics
antonella zorzi mosaics
an art piece made out of mosaic tiles and glass with leaves on the bottom, in a black frame
Flow - Dianne Sonnenberg
a woman's face is made out of colorful mosaics and stones, with the image of a woman wearing a turban
smalti mosaic
תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪smalti mosaic‬‏
a piece of wood that has been painted with blue, green and white paint on it
Blue Line - inlaid mosaic glass on wood, Annie Agars